9/2/2011 Principal approached me...

Today, I went to pick up my boyz from school and their principal approached my truck. She proceeded to tell me how she went into Marc's classroom and was so proud to see Marc readingwhile most of the kids were playing during their free time. The reason this is so special is because Marc is like how I was when I was young, not interested in reading.


The crazy thing about it is that it started about a week ago when I got this, never done yet, idea for an IPhone and Android App that teaches kids about money. I sat my boyz down and showed them my app and then talked to them about how to earn money. One of the ways is paying them for reading.


Last Saturday, we went to the library and Marc picked out about 4 books in a series. His 1st intention was to earn money by reading. By Sunday, he read 1 book already and started on another. All his free time in school, he reads now. I kept asking him to figure out how many pages he read, because I pay per page, but he never got around to tallying it up. He is so caught up in reading that he's not thinking about the money he could make. Tonight, I finally cornered him to tally up all the pages and it came to about 1,000. I gladly paid him!!


Who would of thought that my little idea of a money teaching app would transform a non-reader to an "enthusiastic" reader. What happened with Marc the last 6 days is worth more than anything.

9/4/2011 Giving

Within 1 week of using the AlloGator - auto money allocator, my son went from "Do I have to give this money?" to "Hey Dad! How much do I have to give today for church?" He went from fighting me to reminding me to look up his account before church so he could give. And to top that, he not only gave what he had, he bought some candy for his 2 brothers with his money.