There's always a debate whether to give an allowance or not. My wife and I have 4 kids and never paid an allowance. Our view on it is that we will pay for anything that is necessary for them but if they want something extra, they need to "earn" the money for it. An allowance sounds like a handout. We never paid for chores because we feel, as a family, there's certain things that need to be done and we do it together. So we didn't pay them for taking out the garbage, doing the dishes, setting the table, etc.


Now in saying that, if you're like me, you're thinking "how could a child earn money?" Well, I'll make it easy for you. I've listed some ways below, but remember, this is just a short list; your kids could get very created on their own. Some of the things on the list, like cleaning the bathrooms, washing the floors, or cutting the grass are on there and not viewed by us as chores because we would pay someone to come to our home and do those things. Our rule of thumb is: if you would pay someone to come to your house to do a certain job, then that's not a chore but something your child could earn money doing.


One final thought, we instill in our kids to be entrepreneurs and not wage earners. By being an entrepreneur, there's no limit to their income, they could create jobs for others, control their own destiny and much, much more. With the economy being the way it is, it's more stable being an entrepreneur than being an employee. In the early 1900's, over 80% or Americans were self-employed and 20% were employees. Today, it's the reverse. What made our country great is people immigrating here to create their own opportunities. That's why you see so many immigrants running businesses. I believe that our county is going back to that and that will propel us even further ahead of any other country than we are now.


By having your kids earn their own money and then using the AlloGator- auto money allocator, you will automatically teach your children most of the values of becoming generous and financially independent. That's what we all want, isn't it?



Kid$ $ervices - (add your own commission amount for each service)


Writing a letter or making a card

Learning how to type

Researching topics of interest

Study Island

After school activities

Vacuuming all the carpets

Cleaning the bathrooms

Wash the floors

Cut the grass

Yard work


Bonus Money

You could teach your kids how to go above and beyond by paying them a "BONUS." For example: Let's say you pay them to read a book. You could create a sheet with a few questions that they could answer about the book they've read and once it's completed, pay them a Bonus.